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This portable mini-compact gives you a sheer blush that goes on to stay true, stay natural-looking for hours. It is a near perfect approximation of a natural flush, and the shimmer adds just a touch of radiance.

From the Manufacturer

Blush's basic rules: It has to be easy, and it has to look natural. That's Cheekers. Each portable mini-compact gives you a sheer blush that goes on to stay true and natural-looking for hours. It's the way to glow! For over 50 years, COVERGIRL has created must-have beauty products that bring out the best in women. We understand the transformative effect makeup can have not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Since 1961, COVERGIRL has made it easy, breezy, and beautiful to be yourself.

  • Award-winning natural glow
  • Stays on for hours
  • Dermatologically tested

Just Smile


Smile—see the apples of your cheeks? That's your target! Using your blush brush, apply in a circular motion to rounded cheeks. Blend up and outward toward temples until no hard lines are left.

Blush for Every Face Shape

From face width to skin type, learn how to best highlight the contours of your face.

Wide Face

Wide Face
A two-tone blush process helps contour your face. Use muted, neutral colors, like bronzes and browns, to add contour to your temples, the top of your forehead, or jaw line. Keep it subtle. Then, use a happier, more colorful shade on the apples of your cheeks.

Dry Skin
Go with a classic pressed powder blush like Cheekers. A powder formula will stay put without irritating the skin. Be sure to moisturize before applying!

Narrow Face

Narrow Face
No grand sweeping gestures here, less is blush-best on a small or narrow face. Keep the blush concentrated on the apples of your cheeks, and bring the color a bit closer to your face's centerline.

Fine Lines and Oily Skin
Use a creamy formula like COVERGIRL and Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush. It stays suspended on the skin’s surface and doesn’t streak when skin gets oily.

Complete the Look
Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder Foundation

Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder Foundation

Get a fresh, natural look– to go!

Cheekers Bronzer

Cheekers Bronzer

Instantly gives your skin the look of a natural tan.

Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer

Fresh Complexion Under-Eye Concealer

Easy to apply, lasts all day, and won't cake!

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