Terms and Conditions    


1. General Condition:     

 We invite you to that read our “Terms and Conditions attentively” before using the page from tushopusa.com When consenting and to use the materials of the place you recognize, and you accept to fulfill the terms and established conditions. If you don't agree with some of them, it is advisable not to use the place neither to buy or to discharge any related material.  


We are a Colombian company to COLOCAR CARGO LOGISTICS S.A.S, with more than 20 years of experience in logistics. We operate as middleman among Amazon.com, other stores and the final client. Through our platform people buy their products directly in USA and we take charge from the international shipment to home. Our operation is subject to the inventory readiness in the platform and the times of shipment settled down for each product.    

All the orders carried out in tushopusa.com are processed, dispatched and surrendered in less than 2 weeks after having paid your purchase, but it is necessary to clarify that they are always subject to the readiness of the products on the part of the suppliers and to possible delays in the Customs of each country. tushopusa.com is reserved the right of changing the terms and conditions here described, without previous warning. 

2. Politics of Privacy:  


We commit to not sharing our client's information without previous authorization. This includes possible exchanges of information between companies or organizations. The store guarantees the effective legal execution of the normative one in terms of protection of data and political of privacy. If it, please requires bigger information communicates with us to tushopusa.com or through the section “Contacts us”. 

3. Law and Applicable Jurisdiction: 

All operation carried out in tushopusa.com or in associate places, including purchases, handling of data and information, consultations, refunds, birdcalls, guarantees, payments, etc., is governed the laws of Miami FL (USA) to whose tribunals the parts agree to subject its jurisdiction. 

4. Products 

The information and pictures related to the products are reference, assuming that they offer an appropriate approach to the final product. Tushopusa.com doesn't become responsible for erroneous or bad interpretations of the information published in the store, which have mistaken decisions as a result when buying. Many of the products work with an energy supply of 110V. If in your country is supply 220V you will need a converter to guarantee their correct operation of product you acquired product. tushopusa.com it doesn't assume any responsibility for installed products or operated in an incorrect way. 

5. Prices:   


The total price “to pay”, specified to the moment to conclude the purchase, includes the handling of the merchandise, the payment of taxes, if it requires it, if it is smaller at 200 USD it is 10% about the value of the product, and if it is bigger at 200 USD it is 29% about the value of the product. Also, this price includes the value from the international shipment to home, which varies according to the weight of the package. The collections are carried out in Colombian money (COP). In the same way, for the client's comfort the prices in the store will be visualized in Colombian money (COP). 

6. Seguridad:  

All transactions, data of credits cards, use of applications type electronic wallet, the data of a credit card, among other platforms of payments, they will be encrypted by a certified SSL off 128-bits, guaranteeing the security of the information of our clients in the first place. To guarantee your security before possible frauds, in some purchases we will be able to request additional information to the client, to verify the address and the buyer's identity. 

7. Typographical Errors:  


Of existing a typographic error in the price of some product and the client had made the purchase decision based on this error, tushopusa.com will inform the client on the mistake and east will be entitled to cancel of its purchase. If it is the case, tushopusa.com it will cancel the purchase and it will credit him the amount paid in their bill. In case the facilitated information doesn't correspond to the characteristics of the product, the client will also be entitled to cancel of her purchase or, if wants it, tushopusa.com will cancel the purchase and it will credit him the amount paid in its bill. 

8. Possible variations in the purchase:   


Once the client concluded the order, the purchase process of the products to our suppliers runs for the team of the store. This process will have a maximum delay of 48 hours. All the products are original and acquired to suppliers specified in the search motors (e.j. Amazon Inc.). In case some of the suppliers has changed the price and/or the readiness of some article in the 48 established skilled hours, the product will be eliminated of the order and the value reimbursed in the entered card, during a term of up to 10 skilled days. The orders of a single product will be canceled, the client will be notified, and the value reimbursed in a maximum term of 10 skilled days.  

9. The weight of the products:    


Some acquired products to suppliers specified in search motors have errors in the weight or they don't specify it clearly. In case the weight differs considerably with the reality, the product will be removed of the order and the value of this reimbursed in the client's card. The orders of a single product will be canceled, the client will receive notification and the paid value will be returned. All the products are subject to a minimum weight for defect of 1 pound. 

10. Expiration Order:      

Some acquired products to suppliers specified in search motors can exceed the days of delay for several reasons (e.g., stock Lack, lost, etc.). in case a product takes a long time more than 30 days run in arriving to our offices in Miami this it will be canceled; the order will close, and it will travel in the state in which it is. The value of the product will be reimbursed and the properly notified to a client. The orders with a single product that have a bigger delay to 30 run days will be canceled, the returned value and the client it will be notified. 

11. Limited Quantities and Promote:   


tushopusa.com is reserved the right of limiting the quantity of available products for client and for order, being able to cancel or to reject the orders that exceed the established limits. Also, we reserve ourselves the right of not sending products for reasons that have to do with volume, weight, customs or other, reinstating the money to the means of payment used for the purchase.      

If in some case the purchase was canceled by an error associated to the quantity or it was not available to be had out the promotion, the client will be entitled to cancel of the purchase or given the case, tushopusa.com will cancel the order and it will credit him the amount paid in the bill.    

On some occasions the foreign supplier demands a denominated purchase Add-on, what indicates that it stops his shipment it is required he buys minimum for the I mount that they indicate (for example minimum purchase of 25 USD), otherwise they don't dispatch it or in other cases they charge the value of the shipment inside United States.    

The promotions in which the international Transport is free, it has the restriction that the purchases don't overcome a total weight of 30 pounds in oneself checkout transaction.    

The International transport is one of the items that makes part of the item "Other Expenses", which also includes the expenses associated to nationalization taxes, shipping and handling inside Colombia, and the administrative expenses.    

In such a way that when the international transport is applied free, inside the item of "Other Expenses" won't go added this value, more the other expenses yes.   

The promotions where it applies a discount percent about the value of the product, it corresponds to the value of the product before other expenses, and this value will be reflected in money in the item "I Discount."   


The promotional funds will be designated by a code that will be communicated through the different channels of the mark, and they will be subject to conditions and restrictions as it applies, they will also have a validity of hours and dates. Alone they will be been able to redeem all time that the user enters the code in the field that he requests it. The platform will validate in all the cases that the code is active, otherwise will inform that it doesn't exist. 

12. Payment Means 

Now we have the services of PayU that it guarantees payment options so much virtual as cash, integrating payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, among others. They can also be carried out payments through Nequi. The payments can be made cash from it USA by means of Western Union. 

13. Verification of the Payment:   


The online carried out purchases with international credit cards as well as with the PayU, they are verified to the moment to carry out the payment. If it exists a problem or error when carrying out the transaction, verify if it obtained the requested information correctly. If the client carries out the purchase through a means of local payment PayU, we will receive a confirmation related to the realization of the payment and we will notify to the client via electronic mail to the biggest possible brevity. It can also verify the notification of the payment in their user bill inside the place web (generally has a delay of 48 hours). anyway tushopusa.com doesn't assure the readiness of the product. If this it is not available to the moment to process the order, we will credit 100% of the value in user's bill inside the place web, so that you can carry out the purchase that wants, otherwise you will be reimbursed 100% of the value paid by anyone of the electronic payment means. In the event of having been a payment PSE or effective, is transferred to the bill it counts bank of the user exclusively. 

14. Shippings:      

Our products are dispatched from Miami. The logistical process between United States and Colombia is administered directly by tushopusa.com. When the package is dispatched from United States the client it will be notified via electronic mail. In all the cases, if everything flows with normality, the time lapsed among the moment in that the order is paid and it is received it is smaller to two weeks, always subject to the conditions and the supplier's variations. In the event of delays for causes unaware to tushopusa.com, like delays of the airline or of the transport company, problems with the local customs, climatic conditions or any cause outside of our control, we will notify to our client via electronic mail, where we will try to establish a new dear date. In the event of not receiving the order in the first 3 weeks from having carried out the payment of the order, the client will have a maximum of 30 days after the shipment notification to contact us and to request help in the location of the package. 

15. Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday:       

In these dates they will be carried out promotional discounts and you offer with readiness and limited time subject to that published in the platforms like Amazon.com and others. In the event of making valid a discount, for example, alone it is applicable to a unit of each product for order. The purchase of the products added to the shopping cart should be completed before it expires the established time for the promotion. For promoted products it doesn't apply the application of refunds. As for a valid offer until draining existences, the price will stay until all the products of the certain reference are dispatched, subject to the supplier's readiness. 

16. Origin of the products: 


The marks and logos are their respective owners' property, tushopusa.com only uses sources of suppliers' data as Amazon or the other partners in order to provide the necessary information to the visitors of the place. All the products should be original to be marketed in the store. If some supplier violates the norms of marks and origin this it will assume the corresponding responsibility.   

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