Shippings and refunds

send of the package

As general norm, the packages are sent in the 48 following hours to the reception of the payment, inclination of UPS with pursuit number and he/she surrenders without signature. If you prefer the certified shipment by means of UPS Extra, an additional charge will be applied. Contact us before requesting this option. Be which is the shipment form that you choose, we will provide you a connection so that you can follow your on-line order.

The shipping and handling includes the expenses of manipulation and packed, as well as the postal expenses. The expenses of manipulation have a fixed price, while the expenses of transport can vary according to the total weight of the package. We advise you that you contain all your articles in oneself order. We cannot combine two different orders, and the shipping and handling they will be applied for each one in an individual way. We don't become responsible for the damages that it can suffer your package after the shipment, but we make all the possible one to protect all the fragile articles.  

 The boxes are big and your articles will be well protected.

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